Most fans root for the gamble, for entertainment, for the attempt at beating risk. On fourth-and-short fans howl at the television or yell toward the coaches at the game: “GO FOR IT!” Like rooting for a friend to jump his truck over a creek while we hold his beverage, we cheer. Because the risk is not ours. Our passion is the curiosity of the event itself. After all, a second-guess of the decision will follow promptly. After the downfall or after the triumph, fans and media alike, can second-guess the decision, and the second guess is always the right one.

Numbers guys, mathematicians, professors, and big ol’ nerds have thrown in their two cents, as well. They say that due to statistical evidence and probabilities you should always take another shot. They say the game of football is played all wrong, and it’s obvious that four chances to get ten yards is better than three, and so the math says go for it. There is also the idea that more points are scored in today’s NFL and that has devalued field position and the actual value of the touchdown. Touchdowns are still worth six right?

Rewind, then, to fourth-and-one at the Indianapolis 17. The Broncos are ahead by three with less than two minutes left. Gary Kubiak has a decision to make:

Play it safe, kick the field goal and put your team up by six…

Or “GO FOR IT” and finally put the pesky Colts away for good…

Social media erupted, TV sets were pelted by throw pillows and leftover finger foods, and fans in the stadium screamed: “GO FOR IT.” But steadfast (see, boring) Gary Kubiak said give me the three and I will show you a victory. Like a man who only eats vanilla ice cream, never with sprinkles, Kubiak said the safe play is the right one. Seconds later, after the successful field goal attempt, Von Miller strip-sacked Andrew Luck, Shane Ray scooped and scored, and the rest is Week 2 history. Boring turned out to be swell. Vanilla beat out a rocky road and Broncos fans rejoiced.

Over in the evil empire known as Oakland, there is another story of “GO FOR IT”. Former Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio is currently being praised for his recent risk taking. Ironically, Jack of the River was criticized in Denver for being never taking a gamble when it came to his play-calling on defense, but living in Oakland can change a man. Black-Jack Del Rio (as he is now being called) in Week 1 versus the Saints, with only :47 seconds left, went for two and the win. Rather than try the extra point to tie it, sending it to overtime, he went for the win, and it paid off. Derek Carr hit Michael Crabtree and the Raiders rode out of the city of New Orleans with more than just a bag a balls.

One of the reasons we watch the NFL is because of moments like these. Those moments of uncertainty and moments we feel are greater than us. We truly believe our team is a part of us, and we are a part of them. We, as fans and media, feel invested in those decisions, those “GO FOR IT” moments. So, the next time a big decision is to be made, and your friends are yelling “GO FOR IT,” sit back and try to put yourself out of it. Look around at the spectacle, and enjoy the scenery the decision itself has caused. Because the secret to all of this is, you are part of the entertainment, and the NFL has you, the fan, on center stage.

I bet Wade Phillips, when asked if he wants sprinkles, always replies “GO FOR IT”.