Two-consecutive playoff berths, paired with two subsequent eliminations from the postseason.

While the Colorado Rockies have concluded back-to-back years without a World Series win, the club has gotten farther along in the postseason each year. The buzzsaw that was the Milwaukee Brewers last year has fueled the team, leading many players to set their sights on a rebound.

While Vegas betting odds have the Rockies winning 84.5 games in the upcoming season, FanGraphs at 81, a handful of the staff at Mile High Sports took their own stab at the upcoming season’s win total.

Luke Zahlmann: 88-74

The Rockies are going to be very similar to last year’s club. The additions of Daniel Murphy and Mark Reynolds will be quality additions to the lineup and bench, while the ascendence of Ryan McMahon and David Dahl could aid their cause as well.

After winning 91 games last year and 87 the year prior, I think they sit in that range this year, with the Los Angeles Dodgers taking the National League West crown once again and the Rockies instead battling for a wild-card berth. Though they won’t win the division, I do think this is the year Nolan Arenado finally breaks through the glass ceiling and garners his first NL Most Valuable Player award.

Brandon Ewing: 93-69

Las Vegas is putting the Rockies at 84.5 wins, which I think they will blow out of the water this season. It might be a little bold, but I expect the Rockies to win a franchise-best 93 games this season. That win total might be a little far fetched, but this Rockies team has the ability to do something special.

Just yesterday, I wrote a piece on what to expect from Colorado this season and how they are primed to make a playoff push, and 93 wins would certainly be a step in that direction.

Ronnie Kohrt (Ronnie K Show): 90-72

I have the Rockies pegged at 90 wins. This is a quality team with 1-2 ‘barometer’ guys like Jon Gray, Bryan Shaw and Charlie Blackmon who will play crucial roles in either propelling Colorado or drowning them. Regardless, there’s plenty of talent on the team and Buddy Black pulling the triggers should keep this team very competitive all the way to the end of the season.

Doug Ottewill: 87-75

The Rockies will win 87 games this year, and unfortunately, it won’t be enough.

What this team has done is incredible, but the NL West just never offers a break. The Dodgers are the Dodgers, the Giants are the Giants – heck, even the Padres got better. The Rockies will be as good or better than last year, but so is everyone else. Unless you’re the Dodgers, it’s nearly impossible to make the postseason out of the NL West three-consecutive seasons. I’m okay with that, so long as this ball club is in the chase – and they are.

Sean Walsh (Morning Drive): 90-72

They will again be in the mix for a wild-card playoff game. Even with the offseason departures, this team is still stacked.  Nolan Arenado may very well win the league MVP; however, Kyle Freeland will be the key reason the Rockies will be in playoff contention. How far this team eventually goes will mostly depend on the success of the bullpen.

Tony Comas (Inside the Fan Cave): 85-77

The Rockies got better…but so did the Braves, Phillies, Brewers, Dodgers, Nationals, Cubs, etc. The NL as a whole is stronger, and if games are won with two strong starting pitchers and a solid lineup 1-4, then we’ll see the guys from Coors Field in October. Unfortunately, it takes more than that and I for one hope to be proven wrong.