The NBA offseason is almost over, meaning it is time to dive into some key issues that will arise as the season opener comes closer.

Lineups and rotations will be a hot topic in the coming weeks, as the Nuggets are a melting pot filled with seasoned veterans, young players, and European standouts.

Last season the Nuggies did not have an identity to build on, resulting in the team using 19 different starting lineups over the course of the year.

Now, with a year under Michael Malone as head coach, the team should have some sort of an idea as to who they are and what assets they have.

The lineup of Emmanuel Muiday, Gary Harris, Danilo Gallinari, Kenneth Faried, and Nikola Jokic will be the go-to starting lineup for Michael Malone unless some drastic improvement in play or injury occurs during the course of the next three-or-so weeks.

This lineup is the safe one for the Nuggs. You know what you are going to get out of Gallo and Faried, but the ceilings are much higher for the other three guys.

That’s who will likely start for the Nuggets, but is that the best way to go?

The Nuggets lineup that I just listed may be the go-to to start games, but don’t expect Malone to stick blindly to it as that lineup had a losing record of 7-12 last season.

The Nuggets will need to shake things up a bit if they want to win games.

There is no doubt in my mind that Nikola Jokic and Danilo Gallinari should be on the floor. They are the two most effective and consistent players. Jokic will grab boards, and Gallo will score and get to the line.

That leaves two guard positions and a froward position open.

Mudiay and Harris should be the team’s starting guards.

Mudiay is coming off an up and down rookie season. Mudiay’s first half was a bit of a struggle, but as the season went on he improved, averaging 14.9 points and 4.9 assists per game in the second half of the season, showing the promise the Nuggets saw when they drafted him.

Emmanuel’s turnovers should go down and his shooting percentage should go up. Nevertheless, the expectations are high for Mudiay as he enters his sophomore season.

Harris had breakout sophomore season following a disappointing rookie season. Harris averaged 12.3 points per game, and was a consistent presence in the Nuggets lineup. He spent a ton of time in the gym this offseason, and has bulked up some, putting on upwards 20lbs.

Harris has already been named the team’s starting two guard, meaning it is his job to lose. With that said, Jamal Murray will be breathing down the neck of Harris for playing time and the starting role.

This is a big year for Harris as he will have to prove to Michael Malone that he is worthy of playing over the bright rookie in Jamal Murray.

Wilson Chandler should soak up the final forward position.

Move Gallo to the four and slide Chandler into the three and you got yourself a solid small ball lineup.

Chandler missed all of last season with a hip injury, but is 100% coming into the new season.

Chandler can score the basketball, something the Nuggets need help in, averaging 13.7 points per game in his career.

The Nuggs will need some age on the floor, as three of the five in this lineup are under the age of 23. While Chandler is only 29 he does have some miles on him which, with Gallo, will give the Nuggets some veteran presence on the court.

This lineup is the best for the Nuggets, it provides consistency without sacrificing development and upside.  It is small, experienced, and filled with potential, so barring injury this should definitely be the lineup they go with, leaving guys like Faried, Barton, Murray, and Nurkic on the bench ready to pack-a-punch when needed.

Training camp starts on the 27th, so keep an eye out for battles for starting jobs at all the positions.