And the wheels keep turning. Like it or not, until a headline-grabbing trade is made, or until Mark Sanchez walks out onto the field to start Week 1, the biggest topic of conversation in Denver will be the Broncos’ quarterback position.

First it was Brock Osweiler, then it was Colin Kaepernick, now it’s Ryan Fitzpatrick or Josh McCown. You could make a case for any number of quarterbacks in the NFL today — we made ours for Tyrod Taylor yesterday — and now we can add one more to the mix.

After talking with the Tampa Tribune, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Dirk Koetter made it clear that Mike Glennon, a former third-round pick with 18 starts under his belt, is on or near the trading block.

“I’m on record saying that I think Mike Glennon is a starter in the NFL. I’m a huge Mike Glennon fan,” Koetter said. “So I’d love to have Mike Glennon on our football team. But it’s a business, and if something happens that he’s not with us, well, that’s why we acquired Ryan Griffin last year.”

And according to Lindsay Jones, Adam Schefter says the Broncos could be one of the first organizations on the phone.

In those 18 starts, despite a 5-13 record, Glennon has actually faired pretty well, completing 58.8 percent of his passes for 4,025 yards, 29 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. But with Jameis Winston in the building, there’s no chance Glennon will take the field again for the Buccaneers in anything but a reliever role.

And if the Broncos really are looking to bring a quarterback in to compete with Sanchez, Glennon would be the perfect candidate. Not only does he have the experience to actually put up a good fight, but he’s dirty cheap, with a cap hit of just over $1.8 million. On the final year of his rookie contract, the Broncos would have a great opportunity to see what he’s got before he becomes a free agent next offseason.