The Denver Nuggets announced earlier in the summer that NBA vet Mike Miller would be returning to the team on a multi-year contract. This was a power move both on and off the court for a Nuggets team the is laying the foundation for their future.

Miller’s first season in Denver was a big one. His presence in the lockeroom and on the bench were more then beneficial to the young guys, and his ability to help coach Michael Malone was critical.

The Nuggets realized they had a special guy on their hands and made sure he did not leave town.

On the latest episode of the Colorado Sports Guys podcast, Nuggets general manager Tim Connelly took the time to talk about the impact Miller had on the organization in its entirety.

“His impact, you’ve seen it on the court. His ability to spread the floor and his overall IQ.” Connelly said. “His impact on the daily basis is huge. He is an extremely bright basketball mind. He’s got some very talented friends, some very talented ex-teammates. He’s really a huge mouthpiece for the organization.”

Connelly then went on to explain how valuable Miller is to the team when it comes to recruiting the big names to the Mile High City.

“It’s one thing when I’m saying it, coach is saying it, but it takes on a whole different level when a player is telling you, ‘Hey this a place you want to be. This is an organization that you would enjoy. This is an owner that you can relate to. He’s going to listen and care about the right things.’ Having guys like Mike … has been extremely helpful.”

So, Nuggets fans, if and when Denver reels in a big-name player to the Mile High City, expect Miller to have a big role in the process.