Denver Nuggets first round draft pick Emmanuel Mudiay met with the collected Denver media on Friday in a press conference. He was joined by Nuggets general manager Tim Connelly.


Connelly introduced Mudiay who quickly took questions from the group. Some highlights from his statements and answers to questions are below.

Mudiay: “I’m excited to be here. They (the Nuggets) took the chance. The other teams didn’t take the chance.”

Hochman: “You didn’t enter the draft to be a backup point guard did you?”
Mudiay: “No, I didn’t.”

Mudiay: “My whole life I’ve been put through pressure. I love to win. If I’m not winning, I’m not happy.”

Mudiay: “I don’t regret it one bit. Going to China was the best thing for me and my family”

Mudiay: “Losing makes me sick. I can’t stand it.”

Mudiay: “Everybody that got drafted, they’re no longer the top players. It’s Day 1 in the NBA… You got to prove yourself in this league.”