Dove Valley was the sight of enthusiasm, energy and renewal on Wednesday. That was the scene when the Broncos practiced on the field together for the first time under Gary Kubiak.

With the new coaching staff comes many new philosophies on how to go about doing things. Whether they are rookies or 18-year veterans, it seems that all of the players are striving to learn the new system of the Broncos while proving themselves all over again.

“I think you always have to be learning and asking a lot of questions,” Peyton Manning said after practice.

That’s something the future Hall of Fame quarterback enjoys, contrary to what plenty of naysayers had to say when Kubiak was hired. The change in philosophies isn’t problematic for No. 18.

“I love being coached,” Manning added. “I get angry when I am not coached, so I ask a lot of questions and certainly appreciate any insight or feedback.”

Manning, who is as an astute student of the game of football as there is in the NFL, has embraced the change at Dove Valley. And he understands what comes with a new coaching staff.

“Everyone is being evaluated,” the quarterback explained. “Any time you have new coaches, everyone is being evaluated every single day. As players, we are out their competing, trying to earn the respect of our coaches.

During the on-field session, Kubiak purposely had Manning line up under center; the coach stated that this practice will continue throughout the offseason in order to get the quarterback reacquainted with the vantage point up on the line. Manning has said several times that he believes that in the twilight of his career he can still do whatever the staff asks him to do and finds some positives in working under center.

“Under center, you can keep your eyes on the defense a little longer, to tell you the truth,” Manning said. “Now is the time where we are trying to figure out what things work best for us.

Another big piece to the Broncos offense, wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders, is equally ready for the new balanced attack that fans will likely see on Sundays. Despite a breakout year in a pass-heavy offense of 2014, he is already encouraged by the change he has seen in practice this year.

“It’s a totally different setup,” the receiver said. “Going up against Aqib (Talib) and Chris (Harris Jr.) today off the play-action, they walked up to and were like, ‘Man, your getting ready to have a great year.’ We can get the run game going and just use my vertical speed on crossing routes and all these different combinations of routes based off of play-action. Our offense will be successful, especially with Peyton Manning at the helm.”

Sanders is coming off of his best season as a professional, catching more than 100 passes and reaching the Pro Bowl. Although he does not expect to eclipse his catch total this year, a bigger goal immediately comes to mind when he was asked about the 2015 season.

“I think a good year this year is winning a Super Bowl,” he said earnestly. “It doesn’t matter about stats.”

In order to reach that goal, plenty of players are going to have to step up. Kubiak mention two positions in particular where that’s going to be the case.

“There is going to have to be some young receivers really step up,” the head coach explained. “Cody (Latimer) is one of those guys. I think it is a very competitive situation right now. This month is going to help us find out a lot about the youth at that position, as well as the inside linebacker position.”

Latimer’s teammate, Sanders, is expecting big things from the second-year player from Indiana.

“He is ready for his opportunity and he is going to make the most of it,” Sanders said confidently.

The Broncos are coming off of some highly successful seasons, but the ultimate goal that Pat Bowlen and John Elway seek year in and year out has eluded them. The new coaching staff and the changes that they are bringing with them may be just the thing that gets them to their goal.

Challenging not only the rookies and young players but Pro Bowlers and future Hall of Famers alike in May should reinvigorate an already talented roster. Kubiak matter-of-factly stated what he is looking for just one day into practice and months away from real football.

“We had a good practice with a lot of energy,” he said. “We need to have a good month and get better.”

It was obvious to everyone at Dove Valley that he was talking to everybody.

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