If you have watched a Denver Nuggets game lately, odds are you’ve probably asked, who is that tall, lanky and goofy looking guy? You know, the guy that’s whiffing one-handed passes while looking in the opposite direction, whose scoring basket after basket and has single-handedly brought that spark back that Denver fans have desperately needed?

Yeah, that guy.

Well, his name is Nikola Jokic and while his name has been mispronounced more times than I can count, he is taking his sights higher. Friday night at Madison Square Garden, he excited every person in the media capital of the world with a dominant performance.

Here is some of the highlights in the game:

While I could go on and on about how he scored a career high 40 points on an efficient 17-of-23 from the field, with 9 rebounds to go with it in Denver’s 131-123 win on the road, it seems as if the most entertaining way to understand the phenomenon that goes by “The Joker” is through the wonderful world of Twitter. NBA lovers, casual fans and notable people from far and wide took notice as Jokic put together arguably his best game in his career.

While there has been much debate on who is better out of him and Porzingaz, those questions were put to bed, at least for one night.

But that didn’t stop Reggie Miller from joining in on the fun, comparing Jokic to another player who has been dominant in his first year.

The world of twitter loved them some Jokic tonight.