Hands down, there are no better celebrity fans in sports than Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park, The Book of Mormon, Team America and more.

Why? Simple. Because they’re the only ones who have an acclaimed TV show where they can spout their devotion for the Broncos and take cheap shots at Tom Brady and the Patriots whenever they want!

So when Brady’s four-game suspension was reinstated on Monday, it should come as no surprise that South Park was quick with a response.


And they’re not just fair-weather fans. Parker and Stone have been with the Broncos through thick and thin. In fact, they may be the reason for all three of Denver’s Lombardi Trophies.

For them, rooting for the Broncos is a religion.

Rooting for the Broncos is, well, American.

And they’ve never been afraid to tell it like it is.

But more than anything, they love to take as many shots at Tom Brady and the New England Patriots as possible, because that’s just what a good Broncos fan does.

Even if that’s just a random poop joke …

Or a Deflategate joke …

So, from all of Broncos Country, thank you Trey Park and Matt Stone for carrying the torch for Broncos fans everywhere.

Go Broncos!