The Denver Nuggets have acquired Mo Williams and cash from the Atlanta Hawks in exchange for the rights of 2005 draftee Cenk Akyol, according to Christopher Dempsey of The Denver Post.

The move is an attempt to bump the Nuggets’ salary closer to the league’s minimum threshold of $84 million.

The Nuggs will release Williams; however, the $2.1 million dollars he is owed will still count against the cap, bumping the Nuggets salary up to roughly $77 million which is still $7 million shy of $84 million dollar minimum.

As it stands, the Nuggs roster is full; however, once Williams is released, it opens the door for the Nuggets to re-sign a guy like Alonzo Gee if they choose to. Gee was signed to a 10-day contract that has since expired. With that said, as Dempsey reports, the Nuggets have liked what Gee has brought to the table since his arrival, meaning a renewal could be in store.

The deal is a minor one, but it helps the Nuggets climb towards the $84 million dollar minimum. If the Nuggets do not hit the $84 million dollar minimum, the money will be surcharged with the money distributed to players on roster.