The Denver Nuggets had to virtually re-do most of their coaching staff this offseason with the process ending today, the team announced in an email sent to media members.

The Nuggets announced they promoted staff members within the organization and hired some others. Check it out:

Promotions include: Wes Unseld Jr., Micah Nori and Ryan Bowen, Ognjen Stojakovic, and Tommy Massimino Jr.

New hirings: Assistant coaches Jordi Fernandez and Chris Finch, player development coach Stephen Graham and head video coordinator Travess Armenta.

The final staff looks like so:

Head Coach:      Michael Malone

Asst. Coach:       Wes Unseld Jr.

Asst. Coach:       Micah Nori

Asst. Coach:       Jordi Fernandez

Asst. Coach:       Ryan Bowen

Asst. Coach:       Chris Finch

Player Development:    John Beckett

Player Development:    Stephen Graham

Player Development:    Ognjen Stojakovic

Head Video Coordinator: Travess Armenta

Asst. Video Coordinator: Tommy Massimino Jr.

The team will hold their annual media day on the 26th of September and will depart on the 28th for training camp at Creighton University.

The brutal offseason has almost come to a close, Nuggets fans!