Back in the 1980s, which many consider the glory years of the Denver Nuggets, they had one player that was the undisputed face of the franchise. That man was Alex English. Now, he has taken his rightful place in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, and he sees the Nuggets with a new emerging franchise cornerstone in Nikola Jokic. English voiced his opinion on Jokic to Sean Walsh and T.J. McBride on Mile High Sports Radio.

“I like his game,” English said of Jokic. “I think he’s a solid player. He’s one of those big guys that’s got a special sense of the game. He passes the ball well, he scores, he’s a team player.”

Game recognizes game, right? English has also liked what he has seen from the Nuggets as a team, and thinks the team will merit an invitation to the postseason dance this year.

“I know Portland is on their trail, the Pelicans are talking about making a move, as well as Dallas. I think they’re playing well enough they can hold on to that spot,” he said. “This time of the year is the time of year when you find yourself in a close race, that you start playing the teams that matter; and those are the teams that are right neck and neck with you, as far as looking for a playoff spot. I expect them to get that spot. It’s going to be a tight race though.”

Speaking of dancing, his alma mater South Carolina completed a major upset over Duke in the NCAA Tournament last weekend. English, who is currently with the Gamecocks, thinks they may even have a few more tricks up their sleeves (they play Baylor this weekend in the Sweet 16).

“I’m with the team and everybody’s excited; and we’re looking forward to playing this game and winning it,” he said. “I feel like we can win. You play one game at a time. I think this is a game we can win. Frank Martin has done an excellent job of bringing this team back together after having a few bumps during the season. I think they’re peaking at the right time. I’m very excited about our squad.”

Listen to the full interview with Alex English, including who he stays n touch with from the old Nuggets squads and his thoughts on resting players in the NBA, in the podcast below.

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