The Denver Broncos are through six days of training camp (seven if you count the off day), and one thing that’s caught the eye of players and coaches alike this year is the difference in the attitude of the offensive line.

After a rough day Sunday, the offense showed that they weren’t going to be pushed around anymore in the form of a skirmish after a hit on new running back Stevan Ridley.

“[Monday], the offensive line got into a little scuffle,” wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders said after Wednesday’s morning practice. “I hear them say, ‘We’re not the old offensive line. We’re not the old offensive line,’ meaning they are bringing that grit, that meanness, that toughness. Those are the type of guys that – my mentality as a wide receiver is to match the offensive line. I like that.”

The Broncos know they need to have better play up front in 2017. The 40 sacks they allowed in 2016 were part of the reason the Broncos finished 2016 ranked 21st in passing offense.

Through one week of training camp, it seems like they’ve received the memo.

“You can see them out there, they’re a whole lot tougher,” outside linebacker Von Miller said of his offensive line on Wednesday. “The attitude and the energy is up and that’s what you need out of your offensive lineman. I’m expecting a lot of great things out of those guys.”

According to center Matt Paradis, a large part of the reason for the new attitude on the offensive line comes from some of the additions to the Broncos made during the offseason.

“I think so,” Paradis said of the different dynamic along the offensive line. “I also think that’s something that the new guys have brought, too. Like I said, it’s a lot easier to have that energy and set that tone when you have a bunch of guys with you. The guys we have in the room really are all about that.”

Change is a constant in the NFL, but that doesn’t make it any easier. According to Paradis, though, he is happy with the new offensive line around him.

“I think it’s going really well,” Paradis said of his new line. “Like you said, we have a lot of new guys, but we have a really good group. Guys are working hard. We have a physical group that’s setting the tone for the offense. I’m excited about it.”