Peyton’s Places third episode of the season kicks things off this upcoming Sunday morning with Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson as he and Peyton Manning take a trip down memory lane back to Wilson’s unprecedented journey from professional baseball to NFL quarterback.

Russell Wilson’s journey from baseball to Denver Broncos quarterback

Before Russell Wilson emerged as a superstar quarterback in the National Football League, he was on the road to an impressive potential career as a professional baseball player. Despite various twists and turns, Wilson overcame adversity and doubt from others to be who he ultimately is today, quarterback of the Denver Broncos.

What if Wilson decided to take the path of being a professional baseball player instead of becoming a pro football player? Perhaps the Broncos win Super Bowl 48 instead and Wilson helps Colorado Rockies return to glory? After all, he was drafted by the Rockies during his junior year at North Carolina State.

All of this was a possibility at one point while Wilson contemplated whether or not to stick with baseball or return to football. Wilson approached NC State coach Tom O’Brien about coming back to play football, but O’Brien told him that he’d never make it as a football player, prompting Wilson to gamble on himself and transfer to Wisconsin.

The rest is history. Super Bowl-winning quarterback, Pro Bowler, and All-Pro are just several accomplishments Wilson has achieved in his career in the National Football League.

One of the marquee moments from Sunday’s upcoming episode involves Wilson and Manning engaging in batting practice at legendary Coors Field. Wilson puts his baseball skills on display as he goes yard on various pitches thrown to him prompting Peyton Manning to challenge himself to try and match Wilson’s performance.

The third season of Peyton’s Places is airing on ESPN+. This episode featuring Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning will air Sunday morning exclusively.

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