When we didn’t get Peyton Manning versus Tom Brady back in Week 12, it was hard to believe we’d ever see the two face off again. At that point, it was the Brock Osweiler show, and it continued to be for the next month. But after an unexpected return by Manning in Week 17 and a come behind victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers last weekend, here we are.

And it’s a big deal.


This may not be the same Manning-Brady matchup of old, but it’s a classic showdown, nonetheless.

And while the two have met in this position before, this time around, there’s more at stake than ever, especially for No. 18 and the Denver Broncos. A fourth Super Bowl trip would put him amongst very limited company, and with this quite possibly being his last season, Manning has one more opportunity to cement his legacy as one of the game’s greatest.

Most people may be picking against the Broncos this weekend, but as our own Casey Light pointed out, this is actually the best team Manning has ever taken into a Brady matchup.

Oh, and some more good news for Broncos fans: With Brady on the cover, too, at least there’s no chance of an SI curse!