We can debate whether Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback in NFL history, a top five quarterback or a top ten quarterback. We can debate whether he overachieved or over performed. We can debate a lot of things, really.

But there’s one thing no one can debate: Peyton Williams Manning is the single greatest spokesperson in the history of mankind.

I don’t care whether you like him as a player or not; there’s no debate. The man is the face of about 45 different companies and has to have been in more commercials than the rest of the sports world combined. In fact, I’m pretty sure the last commercial break I sat through that didn’t have at least one Manning commercial was back in 2007.

There’s a reason why Manning is one of the most liked and respected athletes in history; he’s essentially a family member! You don’t need to live in Indianapolis or Denver to feel like No. 18 is an integral part of your television experience, whether that be as a football player or commercial actor.

C’mon … we’ve all hummed “Chicken parm you taste so good” at least 300 times in the last two years, right?

So, instead of breaking down Manning’s greatest plays or performances, I wanted to relive his on-screen career. Here are, in my humble opinion, Peyton Manning’s five best commercials:

(Note: This was much harder than I expected; Peyton Manning makes more hits than Taylor Swift)

Honorable Mention: United Way

It may not be an actual commercial, but this is the greatest thing Manning has done in his career.

Super Bowl? Whatever! I could watch No. 18 drill a child in the head with a football for the rest of my life!