Jase Herl has been saying and doing all the right things in his role as interim head coach for the Colorado State Rams men’s basketball team. But, can he stay on as the head coach next year?

Unfortunately for Herl, he’s the right coach but at the wrong time. The Rams have lost 9-10 games — including an historically bad loss on Wednesday night to Boise State — and they face No. 20 Nevada on Saturday. He’s trying to turn them around, as his quote Wednesday eluded to, but it may be too little, too late for Herl and the Rams this season.

If not Herl next year, than who? We look at Lamont Smith as a rising star in the coaching world, as well as a little bit on the FBI investigation into NCAA hoops and how it affects SDSU hoops.

The second half is all about CSU Football, as they’ve set the Green and Gold Game date and time and there may be some more scheduling news on the horizon as well. Finally, we talk the cornerback positional battles coming up in spring at one of the team’s thinnest positions.

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