In this era of the NBA, the point guard has taken over and become the NBA’s premier position. For the Denver Nuggets, the point guard position is an area of confusion with no clear direction at the current moment.

Ty Lawson, drafted by the Nuggets back in 2009 been one of the most underrated point guards in the league. Still though, year after year Lawson has produced for the Nuggets, being one of their most consistent players. However, has time come to an end for the former Tar Heel here in Denver?

Lawson who has been the main guy at point for Denver has had his name thrown around for the past few weeks leading up to the June 25 NBA Draft as a potential trade piece. There were reports towards the end of May that Lawson would prefer the Nuggets trade him if no major reshuffle with the team happened.

During a SportsNation Q&A with fans, ESPN NBA insider Chad Ford had this to say about the Nuggets and Lawson when a fan asked him about a potential Nuggets-Kings trade, “Nuggets have been trying to make that deal regardless, but so far they can’t get Kings (or anyone else for that matter) to bite on Lawson.”

Lawson is not the only point guard for the Nuggets, but definitely the most valuable in terms of efficiency and tradability. Eric Pincus, a senior writer at tweeted out news that Nugget backup point guard Jameer Nelson has opted out of his 2nd year with the team.

If you remember, Nelson came over to the Nuggets in January in exchange for Nate Robinson. If Nelson is indeed out of the picture, currently Lawson and Erick Green are the only point guards the Nuggets have on the roster for next season. With Green having little NBA experience, the Nuggets have some serious decisions to make if they do end up Moving Lawson.

In the past month leading up to the NBA Draft, the Nuggets have brought in many players for draft workouts. Point guards Jerian Grant and Cameron Payne have been in for workouts but are not top-10 quality players.

Interestingly, the Nuggets held one of their final pre draft workouts on Monday for the former Duke player Tyus Jones who was the most outstanding player at the NCAA Final Four. Jones who still is only 19-years-old had worked out for the Rockets before he hurt his back and then most recently with the Nuggets.

Draft experts have been praising Jones on his confidence and basketball intelligence, and with the #7 pick, Jones could be a good fit for the Nuggets if they do indeed move Lawson. From a Tar Heel to a Blue Devil, time will tell.

Sammy Mugharbil, a Mile high Sports intern and student at MSU-Denver contributed to this report