Friday, March 23, 2018


Former Broncos GM Ted Sundquist: Denver should say no to a QB at No....

With Keenum signed the Bronco's can turn their number five pick into more to help surround Keenum with as much talent as possible.

Chris Harris Jr. on Case Keenum: You’re in an organization that expects to win...

Broncos' CB Chris Harris, Jr. on new QB Case Keenum: "I think everybody should be happy; we got a guy who took his team to the NFC Championship."

Pitching staff makes this the best Rockies team ever assembled

Longtime baseball writer Tracy Ringolsby says this is the best Rockies roster ever assembled "because of the pitching."



Fiery Kyle Freeland feels settled, smooth entering second season

Freeland says "not trying to ball everything up into one and go 110 percent every single time" will help him succeed in 2018.

By Blackmon’s Beard! ‘Chuck Nazty’ won’t change his minute-to-minute approach

"I keep a very short outlook most of the time; day-to-day," Blackmon said. "I'm trying to do good on this pitch, on this at-bat or on this inning. Rarely do I sit back and think long-term."

Bud Black shoots straight about his staff and Jon Gray’s ‘ace’ status

Rockies manager Bud Black is a self-described "tough judge" on aces, but he likes Jon Gray's makeup -- he feels similar about the rest of his staff.

Confidence in Ryan McMahon is growing in nearly every capacity

Rockies Manager Bud Black isn't quite ready to name Ryan McMahon his starter at first base, but the club's No. 3 overall prospect is making a strong case for himself.

Ottavino readies another weapon in his pitching arsenal for 2018

Ottavino adds a cutter to his repertoire in what he hopes will be a bounce-back 2018 season.

Rockies reliever Jake McGee: There isn’t one ‘mop-up’ guy in our ‘pen

McGee joined Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro live at Talking Stick Resort near the Rockies' Spring Training facility.

Jon Gray on how he can turn 10 wins in 2017 into 15-plus in...

"I feel like this year I've got a more sturdy delivery and it's just going to clean up everything," Gray told Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro.

Aqib Talib would prefer a release, eyeing a reunion with former coaches

The 2016 All-Pro would prefer an outright release so he can have his pick of teams for the 2018 season, but a trade still remains in play.

Pride and love for defense powers Trevor’s glove story

Trevor Story puts pride in his defense -- and the stats don't lie.

It’s time for the Broncos to start taking Lamar Jackson seriously

Lamar Jackson is being overlooked in the draft. The Denver Broncos should consider taking advantage of that.