The month of May was not particularly kind to the Colorado Rapids. Unfortunately, missteps in the early part of the season have put the Rapids in a hole that, without a big turnaround, could see the Rapids miss out on the playoffs for a fourth straight year.

May was extremely frustrating for fans as the Rapids managed two draws (Los Angeles and San Jose), two losses (Seattle and Portland), one win (Vancouver); one match was postponed (Sporting Kansas City). In total for the month, the Rapids scored only four goals in five matches. Not the recipe for success by any measure.

In May, the Rapids were just not getting enough out of their squad at any level. Costly mistakes are hurting the Rapids dearly. Allowing late game goals, lack of ball possession and a scarcity of goals are all reasons as to why the Rapids find themselves in a difficult spot approaching the All-Star break.

Following the Rapids season opening 4-0 thrashing of FC Dallas on April 10, goals have dried up in an alarming manner. Since then, the Rapids have only managed to score seven goals.

The team needs a killer instinct, as well as a stronger mindset on grinding out victories home-and-away in order to turn this season around. Newly signed forwards Luis Solignac and Kevin Doyle have been brought in to do one job: score goals. With goals, the wins will follow.

The Rapids have enough time in the season left to turn things around, but with how deep and competitive the Western Conference is proving to be, the turnaround needs to start now before the season is lost.

Sammy Mugharbil, a Mile High Sports intern and student at MSU-Denver, contributed to this report