With each passing day, it only seems to look more and more likely that defensive captain and starting edge rusher Bradley Chubb will be traded.

Last week, an anonymous GM predicted that Chubb would ultimately be traded. On Sunday, Schefter reported that at least one team was offering a first-round pick to the Denver Broncos for Chubb. He also called the Broncos the most likely team to make a move before the deadline and said wide receivers Jerry Jeudy and K.J. Hamler were unlikely to be moved.

Today, the rumors continued to grow, like a billowing cloud of smoke, as Peter King reported that both the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins were considering offering a first-round pick in a swap for the services of Bradley Chubb.

“GM George Paton, clearly, would move Chubb, due to be a free agent in March, having missed 24 games due to injury in his first four years, for a first-round pick, and he may get one,” Peter King, of Pro Football Talk’s Football Morning in America column, wrote. “A well-plugged-in GM told me over the weekend the Jets and Dolphins are interested and interested enough to consider dealing a first-rounder for Chubb.”

Perhaps more interesting than the listed price point of a first-round pick, is the fact King’s verbiage describes the decision to trade Chubb to be a ‘clear’ one. With King’s reputation and immaculate sourcing, it feels unlikely that’s coming from nowhere.

Another interesting element of this is the fact that the Dolphins and Jets are divisional rivals, with plenty of shared hatred, that are currently racing each other for a wildcard spot.

Benefitting the Jets’ bid is the fact that their first-round pick looks a little more appealing than the Dolphins’, considering Miami only has the San Francisco 49ers’ pick, and the 49ers seem to be turning the corner. Conversely, the Jets’ contender status seems jeopardized, with Zach Wilson imploding and Breece Hall out of lineup.

That jeopardized status could also give the Dolphins the edge in the bidding war. Considering they look like a more serious contender, and have a more glaring need for pass rush, it would make sense that they’d be more motivated to go all-out to acquire a top-end piece like Chubb.