The Broncos have already announced that Paxton Lynch will start this afternoon against the Atlanta Falcons, but according to Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer, Denver is expecting Trevor Siemian to likely miss next week’s Thursday night matchup against the Chargers, too.

“He actually has a Grade III separation of his non-throwing shoulder,” Glazer said on Fox NFL Sunday, via Mile High Report. “Grade III is as bad as you get. Basically the clavicle has separated from (the) shoulder. Its pressing against the skin. It’s a really bad pain management issue. It’s something that cosmetically its gonna be there pretty much for the rest of his life. It’s his non-throwing shoulder they look for him to back probably not next week but the week after that.”

The Denver Broncos are clearly taking it slowly with Siemian, and it’s easy to see why: When you have a backup with as much upside as Lynch — and a defense that can clean up for most of his rookie mistakes — there’s no point in rushing Siemian, especially if he’s as injured as Glazer reports.