How the tides have turned …

In the last half decade, the Denver Broncos have been a premier free agent destination. From Peyton Manning to Wes Welker to DeMarcus Ware, it seems as if John Elway has been able to draw any homeless player into his shelter.

Apparently, that’s changed.

The Broncos have reportedly been making a strong push for Colin Kaepernick over the last few days, and given that they are the defending champions, owning one of the best defense in NFL history, one would think Kaepernick would be flattered.

Instead, he says he wants to go to … the Browns? How is that any more of a stable situation than San Francisco, an organization Kaepernick has made clear he wants nothing to do with.

Well, legendary sports journalist and University of Colorado graduate Rick Reilly has a theory.

Could that be playing a role in Kaepernick’s hesitancy to play in Denver? Possibly, but only he can know for sure.

Either way, if Kaepernick is looking for a situation where he can revive his career and make a run at another Super Bowl appearance, it’s in Denver, not Cleveland.

Luckily, it’s the 49ers organization that can decide where Kaepernick will play next, though that team would likely need Kaepernick’s support in restructuring his contract. If he takes a strong stance against restructuring with the Denver Broncos, that could quickly derail all trade talks.

Time will tell.