When the Denver Broncos drafted Riley Dixon in the seventh round of the NFL draft, it was a fairly good sign that John Elway was looking to cut costs at the punter position. With a $4 million cap hit, Britton Colquitt is the third highest paid punter in the NFL.

Through training camp and the preseason, though, Colquitt has been the far superior player, making the Broncos’ decision that much harder.

But according to Vic Lombardi, Elway may be looking for a way to have his cake and eat it too.

While Colquitt probably doesn’t want to to take a pay cut, he doesn’t have much of a choice. At this point, either he accepts less or he’s gone.

And if he does get cut, he’s not likely to get anywhere near the type of money he was expected to make with the Broncos.

For Colquitt, the best option may be to take less money, keep his job and continue playing with the defending Super Bowl champions.