If Peyton Manning wants to remain a football-lifer, he’s got two options: follow the likes of Troy Aikman and Phil Simms and join the broadcast booth or take after the man that brought him to Denver, John Elway, and go into management.

Earlier this offseason, Manning reportedly talked to one of the greatest broadcasters in NFL history, John Madden, who told him to skip the booth and go up to the suite.

And according to the New York Daily News, Manning has followed that advice, at least in part.

“Network sources maintain Manning has shown no interest in pursuing a TV career, at least for the upcoming season.

One source went as far as saying Manning, through his representatives, has specifically told the NFL’s TV partners he won’t be yakking into any football microphones when September rolls around.”

Don’t be surprised, though, if Manning shows up on your television screen sooner than expected. He’s a natural, and he has a free pass from nearly every network to walk in and start talking; it’s only a matter of how long it takes for him to start getting bored with the retired life.

And if he does end up calling games from the booth or commenting on them from back in the studio, that by no means is a sign that he won’t pursue a career in management. Remember, No. 7 sold cars for a decade before jumping back into the game.

Either way, it will be weird to experience a football Sunday without Peyton Manning in the picture. Hopefully he reappears sooner than later.