When Montee Ball was cut by the Denver Broncos last offseason, it was surprising. Sure, he had been disappointing, but he was also a second-round pick just two years into his NFL career. What was more surprising, though, was that no one picked him up until the Patriots added him to their practice squad three quarters of the way into the season.

Ball went from NCAA superstar to out of the league in short order, and it’s beginning to make sense why.

Last month, Ball was charged with a misdemeanor domestic abuse-related charge after he reportedly threw his girlfriend across their hotel room in February. On Thursday, though, a prior girlfriend brought on a new set of charges, claiming that Ball choked her during an argument back in 2014, while Ball was a member of the Denver Broncos.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, Ball has been charged with “strangulation and suffocation, and with substantial battery, both felonies, and with two counts of domestic disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors, for alleged incidents in June 2014.”

The Madison police say that this second woman, the one bringing on the latest charges, contacted police after hearing about Ball’s arrest in February.

Ball and his lawyer, Erika Bierma, deny the charges.

“This criminal complaint against Mr. Ball contains only allegations of a single individual who may have her own motivations for making such an accusation against a prominent athlete,” Bierma said in a statement. “They consist of selective allegations, two years after the fact, made by one side in this dispute.”

As the Wisconsin State Journal reports it, the alleged crime is disturbing:

“Ball received a text message from another woman, with a response from Ball telling that woman, “You should come over.” The woman told police that when she became upset about the message, Ball threw his phone at her and it hit her just under her left eye. As the argument continued, he picked up the phone and threw it again but missed her.

After that, the woman said, Ball put one or both of his hands on her throat and lifted her off her feet, pushing her against a wall. She said she blacked out for a few seconds. After releasing his grip, the woman said, Ball picked her up and threw her out of the hotel room into the hallway.”

Whether the claims prove true or not, Ball’s future in the NFL does not look promising.