According to NBA and NFL insider Jordan Schultz, of TheScore, it appears that KJ Hamler might have a better chance to be moved via trade, than Jerry Jeudy.

While appearing on the Pat McAfee Show, Schultz discussed the recent report that the Denver Broncos had multiple players, including Bradley Chubb, Jerry Jeudy, and KJ Hamler, all on the trade block.

“I mean, the dumpster fire of all dumpster fires has been Denver,” Schultz said, to justify the thought that there might be a fire sale on the horizon.

“You mentioned Jeudy, [but] a guy that quietly has been discussed from other teams is KJ Hamler. I think you know, the asking price for him is less. He’s a speed guy [who] hasn’t really been ingratiated into the offense. I think when you’re talking about Jeudy, a former first-round pick, still on his rookie deal, the asking price would be extremely high — a two (second-round pick) or [a] three (third-round pick). That’s a lot to give up.”

With how he performed on Sunday, Jeudy certainly looked like the type of receiver worth a day-two pick in a trade, but his inconsistencies might turn away some potential bidders.

K.J. Hamler, who has also been inconsistent but can serve a clear niche role as a burner, and do so at a high level, and can be landed at a cheaper price, might be the more appealing target for WR-hungry teams.

Schultz also discussed Nathaniel Hackett and his job security, and made it sound like he might be able to hold on for the rest of the season.

“In terms of Hackett, my understanding was they wanted to give him as much of a runway as possible — this was before the season — to really develop that relationship with Russ[ell Wilson] that he had with Aaron [Rodgers}. You know, that that allowed Aaron to vouch for him and say ‘this guy’s a legit coach. he really he knows what he’s doing,’ essentially. So I would be very surprised if Hackett does not keep his job through the season. I’m not saying that’s the right thing, because I think he’s in over his head. But I can tell you that they feel like there’s so much upside to him.”

That won’t be exciting news for Broncos Country, who are already pretty certain there is no upside to be found with Nathaniel Hackett.