Along with the Denver Nuggets, the Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks were scheduled to meet with free agent guard Dwyane Wade on Wednesday, but according to the Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski, one of those organizations had to cancel.

The Bulls are still hoping to get a meeting with Wade on Thursday, but that’s only if Wade is (a) interested and (b) willing to meet with teams another day.

Wade is eyeing a three-year contract worth upwards of $75 million.

The Denver Nuggets, who have offered Wade a two-year contract worth over $50 million, came out of their meeting with the perennial All Star feeling “very happy.” And according to the Denver Post, the Nuggets feel that their odds of landing Wade are about a coin flip.


Wade has never been the highest paid player on his team, and he’s looking to finally cash in that big pay day. Whether it’s been LeBron James, Chris Bosh or Shaquille O’Neal, Wade has long taken less money to help the Heat bring in big-name players around him.

Wade is looking to make back some of the money he’s “lost” during his career, and if the Heat aren’t willing to give it to him, he may decide to find someone that will.