The Denver Broncos are in desperate need of a quarterback (unless, of course, you still refer to Mark Sanchez as the “Sanchise”), but John Elway remains firm in his decision not to overpay a questionable signal caller.

First, Elway balked at matching the Texans $18 million-a-year offer from the Houston Texans, and reports are that he told Ryan Fitzpatrick his asking price was too high, as well. Now, according to NFL Network’s Michael Silver, the Broncos are “holding firm” on their offer for Colin Kaepernick.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of, the 49ers are looking for a second-round pick in exchange for Kaepernick, but neither of their suitors, the Broncos or Browns, seem to be willing to give up that much.

Apparently the Browns are willing to part with their third-round pick (65th overall), but only if Kaepernick agrees to significantly restructure his contract, which he is seemingly unwilling to do. That means that the Broncos pick may start looking more appealing to the 49ers if Denver is willing to take on Kaepernick’s salary as is, or if he is more willing to restructure with the Broncos franchise.

The issue, as Silver points out, is that the Broncos actually don’t have a fourth round pick this season, making the scenario even more muddy (They have a compensatory fourth rounder, but those can’t be traded until 2017).

Okay … so then what would they be willing to give up, if they can’t actually give up a fourth-round pick?

Well, you could make the case that their third round pick (94th overall) is essentially a fourth-rounder, given that it’s the last pick of the third round (not including compensatory selections). Maybe that would be a happy compromise for both sides.

Nonetheless, all Kaepernick discussions seem to be on hold for now, and they may continue to be for the next couple weeks. If the 49ers truly want to move on from Kaepernick (which may not be the case), then they have until April 1 to do so; otherwise, his $11.9 million base salary will become guaranteed.