Right or wrong, Aqib Talib’s revenge personifies the Denver Broncos defense


Things are getting wild in Nashville.

Driving down the field with a 10-0 lead, the Titans looked to have all the momentum in the world. Then, Harry Douglas did this to Broncos Pro Bowl cornerback Chris Harris:

An unquestionable cheap shot, that “block” from Matthews enraged Broncos Country.

Not only was the hit uncalled for, but it was clearly meant to do harm, and Denver wasn’t having any of it.

Even current and former players were taking to Twitter to call out the dirty play.

And knowing this Denver Broncos defense, they weren’t going to let a play like that go unanswered.

And everyone who’s watched this defense over the last two years likely had a fairly good idea of who would be the one to seek out revenge.

And on the very next play, Talib did just that, as he shoved Douglas out of bounds and instigated a brawl that would take several minutes to clean up.

Did Talib do the right thing in drawing a 15-yard penalty to push the Titans deeper into Broncos territory?

It energized this defense, but it led to a Tennessee field goal, which expanded their lead to 13.

In the eyes of many, yes.

Others, though, weren’t so supportive, wishing Talib and the Broncos had waited until later to respond.

The Broncos, who trail 13-0 at the half, need a spark. We’ll see if this gives it to them.