On a day in which all three cornerbacks spoke to the media it was the youngest and least experienced that stood out. Bradley Roby, the Broncos first-round pick from 2014, stood at the podium and looked and sounded like a veteran player but remains hungry to prove his talent amongst an impressive group.

“He wants to be good in this league,” teammate Aqib Talib said plainly. “He’s seen what this league was about and he feels like he could be one of the top corners in the league. He’s just soaking in all the information he can.”

Roby was tough on himself anytime someone would ask him to grade his performances and he consistently said it was around a C-, despite praise from around the league. Chris Harris Jr., who also took to the podium Tuesday, agreed with Roby’s grade but made sure to clarify what he wants to see from his teammate in year two.

“He definitely needs to take that next step to get to the next level. I think a C- grade is a good grade. It’s tough to be great every play,” Harris said with a smile. “We want him to take that leap so we can have three elite cornerbacks.”

Roby graded out in coverage pretty harshly on Pro Football Focus (PFF) in 2014, allowing seven touchdowns and 710 yards receiving while playing in all but two games. Although he disagreed with PFF’s touchdown total he knows where he needs to improve in 2015.

“I’m thinking about the right things, not the wrong things. I think last year I thought about not getting beat. Things like that because I was rookie and knew they were going to come after me. So I was worried about not getting beat rather than paying attention to the right keys that would make sure I don’t get beat. That’s what I am pay attention to now. I’m going to be a whole lot better this year,” Roby said Tuesday.

Roby, who was consistently the last player off of the practice field in his first year and says he will continue to do so and expanded on why that extra work is so important.

“The key to being a great player is making the right plays, at the right time, all the time and that comes with muscle memory. That’s really what I’m trying to get down,” Roby said. “If I don’t feel like I got enough during practice I will do more of it.”

With the elite play of Pro Bowlers Harris Jr. and Talib there has been talk about whether Roby will play some safety. Last Friday defensive coordinator Wade Phillips commented on getting the talented former buckeye on the field however possible.

“He’s pretty proficient at cornerback, so I’m pleased with that. And that’s what we wanted, to make sure he could play that position and be really good at that, and then if we play three corners coming in where he’ll play some safety, and we’ll work that in probably in the next couple of weeks.”

Roby understands the team mentality but he has been clear of his desire to play cornerback and Tuesday he again emphasized that.

“I definitely think I am really putting in all my efforts in to being the best corner I can be. Safety is cool but I love the game to play cornerback. If I’m not playing and that’s the way I can get out there I’ll do it,” Roby said definitively.

When asked what his personal goals Roby was quick to answer saying, “Give up less touchdowns than I did last year and get a few more interceptions. I have a number but I am not going to say it just yet. I don’t want to be selfish but I have something in mind what I want to do,” He said. “I want to make the best plays when it all counts. When it’s the fourth quarter and everything is on the line and Aqib has his guy covered, Chris has his guy covered and when they come to me I want them to lose.”

His statements Tuesday were clear and concise, as they were last year, but the tone and emphasis on what he knows he needs to improve on in year two displayed the knowledge that he has accumulated since being with the team. His personal goals of improving and becoming elite coincide perfectly with what the Broncos need and expect of him. If he can limit the touchdowns that tarnished an otherwise excellent rookie year Roby will truly make Denver’s defensive backfield a nightmare for any quarterback that sees them.

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