The Colorado Rockies got beat bad Tuesday night by the new look Arizona Diamondbacks.

The reason for that loss? Pitching. Pitching, pitching, pitching, it seems to be all we talk about in regards to the Rockies, and Tuesday night’s fiasco shows why.

Chad Bettis took the mound for the Rox in their second game of the season, and had a shaky start, giving up five runs on seven hits in 5 1/3 innings pitched.

When Bettis was gone, the Rox went to the duo of Christian Bergmen and Jason Gurka, both of which had tainted outings. The duo combined to surrender six runs on eight hits in fewer than three innings of work.

Pitching has always been a problem for the Rockies, and Tuesday night’s loss shows that the problem is not close to being fixed.

Fans were banking (hoping and praying) on the bullpen and rotation holding together for at least a few nights, but that was obviously a little overzealous. Despite an early 6-2 lead, Colorado could not hold on, allowing a nine-run swing to the Diamond Backs.

While it was only one game, once loss, in a marathon of a season, it’s a sign of so much more. It’s a sign that nothing has changed, the pitching is still broken and no matter how many runs they put on the board, it’s rarely going to be enough.

In game two of 162, the pitching crisis has shown that it’s still alive and well within the Rockies organization. If only they played in a stadium like Chase Field and didn’t have to deal with the altitude at Coors … oh, wait.