The addition of quarterback Case Keenum has already paid dividends for the Denver Broncos, and guard Ron Leary alluded to that on Tuesday. “It changes a lot just to have that consistency at quarterback. ‘4’ brings a lot with him; he’s a really confident guy. He knows this game and he’s played a lot of ball, so having him back there on the center is a big help for all, because I think it’s going to really show come Week 1.”

2017 first-round draft pick Garett Bolles made the PFWA All-Rookie Team in 2017, but Leary indicated that there is a lot that he can still teach him. “One of the things that was really lacking last year with Bolles was just communication. I think that’s something I can really help with a lot, just because I’ve played the game so long and there aren’t too many looks that I haven’t seen yet. So just being able to communicate with him; I’m glad that I’m finally out here so we can get more and more on the same page and get ready for Week 1. But he’s making improvement, he listens. He’s listening a lot more this year than he was last year, and that’s a big improvement for him.”

The Broncos’ offense ranked a mediocre 17th in 2017, and Leary indicated that the offensive line has improved since last year. “I think we can improve in all aspects of it. Just from the communication part, to assignments, to blocking. We’ve been doing a good job, but it’s nowhere near where it should be or where we want it to be. That’s what training camp is for. We’re on what, Day 4? So, it shouldn’t be ‘A-1’ right now. We’re still working on it and everybody is working, that’s the main thing right now.”

Denver’s running back room is one of the youngest in the league, but Leary has been impressed with what he has seen from them so far. “I was just talking about that with [WR] D.T. [Demaryius Thomas] yesterday. We were talking about them and we had something good to say about every single one. There isn’t one that has just really taken that role, but all of them are great. It’s going to be a hard decision, and I’m glad that I’m not a coach that has to make that decision on who we keep at running back.”

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