Last season was a rollercoaster ride for the Denver Broncos and quarterback Russell Wilson. Despite having a bounceback year, the future outlook of Wilson on the Broncos is up in the air and clarity should come on the situation in the next few weeks.

Russell Wilson sits down with Brandon Marshall on I AM ATHLETE

I AM ATHLETE has done a great job over the course of the last few years of bringing athletes onto their platform, allowing them to tell their stories and change the narrative. Often, we in the media game tend to try to tell the story based on what we see on a day-to-day basis, but sometimes it’s not our place.

Russell Wilson sat down with former Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall on the latest episode of I AM ATHLETE and gave a great deal of insight on his career, his relationship with Pete Carroll, his joy and responsibility of being a father and man of faith and reflecting on the whirlwind of events that he experienced last season with the team.

Long story short, the Broncos approached Wilson’s agent about pushing back the injury guarantee in his contract. In his contract, if Wilson were to have gotten injured, his injury guarantee of $37M would have automatically been triggered.

Let’s talk about what’s right and wrong. The Broncos had every right to ask to push back the injury guarantee, and Wilson had every right to say no. That’s a realistic observation for both sides.

However, if the Broncos truly told Wilson that they would bench him if he didn’t, that is where things are wrong. The situation came to light in the final three weeks of the 2023 season, but there hasn’t really been any verdict as to what happened.

The NFLPA was involved, and their outside counsel expressed that there was wrongdoing conducted by the Broncos. The NFL did not in their eyes.

Despite the events that took place throughout the middle and end of the season, Wilson has expressed his desire to remain with the Broncos. It was reported on the day of the Super Bowl by NFL Network’s Tom Pelisserro that the Broncos are looking at every option, including re-opening restructuring talks with Wilson.

There were some speculative reports that he and Ciara were taking offers on their mansion in Cherry Hills, but Wilson refuted that in his sit down with Marshall.

“My house ain’t for sale,” Wilson said. “It’s not on the market right now. People think that I’m out of there, maybe I am, but no matter what, I’d love to go back. I committed there and committed to be there. I committed to win championships and want to win more Super Bowls there. I love the city and everything else but you also want to be at a place that wants you too.”

The widespread belief among league circles is that the Broncos will release Wilson as a post-June 1st designation. With the NFL’s increase in the salary cap, Denver may just decide to eat the entire dead cap this year instead of spreading it out for the next two years.

Regardless, Broncos Country shouldn’t have to wait much longer for clarity to come regarding what the team will do. They’ll have by the fifth day of the new league year in order to restructure or release Wilson.