Thank you, Ryan Clark.

The former Pittsburgh Steelers safety appeared on ESPN’s First Take on Monday and said what every Broncos fan has been thinking for the past few months.

“Pats won the Super Bowl last year?” Clark said, eyes wide, after being asked if the Broncos were the biggest threat to the Patriots. “So why we talking about the the Pats like they’re the defending champions?”

Despite a Lombardi Trophy, despite an opening night victory over the reigning NFC champions, despite a 3-0 record to start the season, the Broncos continue to draw a wary eye from the football world.

In most situations, the way the Broncos have played over the last 12 months would have them looking the the presumptive Super Bowl favorites; instead, there are still those who question whether they’re the best team in the AFC.

Clark couldn’t disagree more.

“You look at the Denver Broncos, they’re built to beat a team like the New England Patriots,” Clark said.

“That’s what the Denver Broncos did on their way to the Super Bowl last year,” he added. “We should be asking if the New England Patriots are the biggest threat to the Denver Broncos.”

Since Peyton Manning retired and Brock Osweiler bolted for Houston, most have had a very difficult time looking past the quarterback position and towards the supremely talented roster and coaching staff behind them. Now, only after a breakout performance from Trevor Siemian, it’s becoming easier to notice.

“If you look at the way this team started the season with Trevor Siemian,” Clark said, “I, as the football guy, would say the offense is more dangerous with Trevor Siemian than it was when it won the Super Bowl with Peyton Manning.”

Just like last season, the Broncos have started the season 3-0. This year, though, they look even better.