Ryan Hanigan had possibly the biggest hit of the day against the Chicago Cubs in the first game of Tuesday’s split doubleheader, but it wasn’t one that will likely end up on the 36-year-old catcher’s career highlight reel. Hanigan joined Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro on Mile High Sports AM 1340 | FM 104.7 postgame and laughed about the single that scored three runs in a 10-4 Rockies victory.

“They were respecting the power,” Hanigan joked with Goodman and Shapiro.

In the third inning of Tuesday’s win, Hanigan sent what looked like a fly ball out into shallow left-center field at Coors Field with two outs and the bases loaded. Chicago’s Albert Almora Jr. and Kyle Schwarber both charged on the ball, but it was the less defensively skilled Schwarber who attempted (and failed) to make the diving play. When the dust had settled, Hanigan was on first base and three runs had scored to extend Colorado’s lead to 6-1 at the time.

“In all seriousness,” Hanigan continued, “in Colorado, all outfielders gotta’ play deep. So, when I hit it I wasn’t super happy about the swing but then I saw them sort of [going] all out for it, and I thought it had a chance and it worked out for us.”

Things have been working out well for the Rockies on the whole since Hanigan was called up from Triple-A Albuquerque while Tony Wolters is on the concussion DL. Colorado is 5-2 since he joined the team on May 3. The Rockies are 3-0 with Hanigan, a 10-year big league veteran, on the field.

Hanigan spent time in Cincinnati, Tampa Bay and Boston and has been to the playoffs numerous times in his career. With the Rockies off to such a hot start, it’s logical to wonder if he sees a playoff-caliber mentality in the Colorado clubhouse.

“Well absolutely, in terms of the chemistry of the team,” Hanigan said. “All the way from the coaches to the players, this is a fun team to be on. It’s a great mix of veteran guys, young guys. Lotta’ talent. Lotta’ hard-working guys that know how to have a good time playing the game.”

Although his time with Colorado has been short, Hangian sees several important markers in this team.

“These guys are a group; they’re a family. Everyone’s pulling for each other; everyone works hard. And the talent is just, it’s pretty impressive for the young pitching they have, the bullpen and obviously the lineup,” he said.

As a player who’s seen a lot over his decade in the big leagues, he’s not going to rush to any judgements or predictions, though.

“It’s too early to predict playoffs this year,” Hanigan said. “We’re playing one game at a time. You know, that’s obviously what everyone wants; you just have to go out and get it done.”

Catch the whole interview with Hanigan, including his thoughts on Cubs fans invading his stadium, in the podcast below.

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