It’s time to get mentally prepared.

It’s coming.

The endless discussion about the Broncos’ quarterback situation will dominate the headlines and airwaves the next few months, or at least until the team brings in Tony Romo.

It’ll be exhausting at times. Guys saying the same thing over and over and over again while attempting to put a different spin on the situation.

You’ll vow to stop listening to sports talk radio – except you won’t actually do it.

You’ll try not to check your favorite Broncos’ blogs – except you won’t actually do it.

The Broncos (and their QB situation) are an addiction in this town. No gum or patch is going to help you quit them.

While quarterback is, of course, the No. 1 priority this offseason, there’s a situation brewing right now at another key position that is worth monitoring.

And it isn’t pretty.

Denver’s wide receiver situation is officially a mess.

First, Emmanuel Sanders found a way to make headlines at the worst time of the year for an NFL player to be in the spotlight. According to TMZ, Sanders’ wife (soon to be ex) is alleging he spent thousands of dollars on “sidechicks” throughout their marriage.

Look, a pro athlete cheating on his wife isn’t exactly news. We’re not here to play the moral police and Sanders is a grown man capable of making his own decisions. That doesn’t mean these actions aren’t wildly irresponsible, but they’re not criminal – and in theory they don’t hurt the Broncos.

But there’s another nugget in that TMZ story, another allegation from Gabby Sanders, that is troubling. Here’s that tidbit…

Gabby also claims Emmanuel lied to the Broncos — claiming he told the team he needed to miss a practice in Nov. so he could be in Houston for the birth of their child … which was a lie so he could go out partying.


It’s one thing to miss a practice for the actual birth of your child and it’s another entirely to miss it for a flat out lie. Whether or not the allegation is true remains to be seen, but the fact the Broncos declined to comment on it is telling.

If the accusation was false, why wouldn’t the Broncos just come out and say so? The silence is deafening on this one.

Besides Sanders, the news on the Broncos’ wideouts doesn’t get much better. Demaryius Thomas has not lived up to the monster contract he signed two summers ago; the NFL’s third-highest-paid receiver was seventh in the league last season in drops, booting almost five percent of his passes.

After that, depth is a major concern. Bennie Fowler and Jordan Norwood both had down years after being key reserve pieces on the Super Bowl 50 team. Jordan Taylor feels more like a bubble guy than a true No. 3 receiver and Cody Latimer has been stunningly bad for a second-round pick.

The Broncos have a lot of bodies at wide receiver, but that doesn’t mean it’s a strength of the team, in fact far from it.

Recently released Victor Cruz would be a good place for John Elway to start this offseason. Denver must stabilize the position immediately, and bringing in Cruz would add some much needed veteran leadership.

It’s hard to advocate the Broncos moving on from either Sanders or Thomas, but that’s a 1–2 pairing that went from looking like one of the best in the league to one that’s shaky at best. Sanders’ off-field troubles will remain in the headlines as long as his wife continues to make these explosive claims.

And if more comes out on Sanders potentially lying to the team, it could be chaos at Dove Valley as the Broncos debate how to punish the wide receiver. Whatever the decision, it needs to be harsh – sending a message to the rest of the team this type of behavior isn’t acceptable.

It’s coming.

It’s time to get mentally ready for it.

The discussion about who will be the Broncos QB next season is around the corner – but perhaps who’s going to catch the ball from said QB should be a bigger storyline.

Right now, there are more questions than answers.