The Colorado Buffaloes’ hiring of Coach Prime looks like a tremendous boon for the program, as players continue to gush about the allure of the HOF cornerback turned CFB head coach.

Most recently, Jordan Domineck, a recent transfer who was brought in from Arkansas this past offseason to help overhaul the Buffs’ previously porous defensive front, shared what helped him choose CU over the SEC.

“I’ve actually met with Coach Prime once before. When he was over at Jackson State and before I entered the portal to leave Georgia Tech, I ended up going on an official visit at Jackson State,” Domineck said via Sports Illustrated’s BuffsBeat. “I will say he’s the realest you can get. (Prime) is definitely real. Everything that you see, every way that he portrayed, he’s like that 100 percent of the time.”

Domineck also highlighted the coaching staff’s ability to prepare players for the next level, as well as their philosophy on player-coach relationships.

“My decision was based on what would put me in the best possible position to get to the next level,” the former Razorback star said. “I’ve been in the SEC. I’ve been in the ACC, and I know how they play and operate. I love both programs and both conferences, but I ended up just wanting to come to Colorado because it just seemed like the perfect spot for me. I love the coaching staff here they’re really big on interpersonal relationships, which is something huge for me.”

If Coach Prime can continue to build up the Colorado Buffaloes’ program as an atmosphere where players can get prepared for the NFL at an SEC level, the recruits should only continue to roll in, especially given his commitment to the program, which Domineck also made note of.

“It’s truly an honor and a privilege to be able to come out here and play for him, and just seeing the energy that he brings to a program not even just his name but just the way he throws himself into his work and the way he strives for success,” Domineck said. “I knew I wanted to be a part of it as soon as I met him.”

Buffs Nation will continue to collectively pray that Coach Prime is in it for the long haul.