During every NFL Draft, you see players slip past the selections where most assumed they would be picked due to off-the-field issues/character concerns. In 2015, such a slide happened to Denver Broncos linebacker Shane Ray.

Three days before the 2015 NFL Draft, Ray was cited for possession of marijuana. Prior to the incident, many considered him a top-10 pick. He fell to 23, where he was snatched by the Broncos.

In an article in the Players’ Tribune on Monday, Ray wrote about his experience in the draft, even offering some advice.

“For all you young guys getting ready for the draft: Do not make a stupid mistake like I did. Enough said,” Ray implored.

Ray had a rough upbringing, which he also detailed in the article. From seeing a dead body, to his cousin’s murder, to him getting into fights, he described his difficulties and the dangerous neighborhood he grew up in. He also offered some advice to NFL general managers.

“For all you general managers looking at these kids: Try to realize that some of them come from really, really tough situations,” Ray said in the Players’ Tribune. “Maybe they were running in the streets for a time. Maybe they made some mistakes. But they’ve also probably seen some sh*t that you wouldn’t believe.”

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