By now we’ve all seen Peyton Manning and Jimmy Fallon analyzing Eli’s “unsupportive” face as the confetti was flying and Peyton was lifting the Lombardi Trophy. And if you haven’t seen it, trust us, it’s worth watching … We’ve also all analyzed and discussed at great depths whether or not Manning will ride of into the sunset with the Lombardi Trophy or return for yet another season of football.

Soon after, Jimmy Fallon brought the cardboard-cut-out of Eli, basketball great Magic Johnson walked out to join Manning and Fallon.

And with two of the greatest athletes — plus Fallon, doing one of the greatest impressions of Bernie Sanders (his sport) you’ll ever see — on stage at the same time, the show was full of legendary moments, inspirational moments and just straight-up hysterical moments (like watching Manning and Magic smack eggs on their heads).

But, of course, the highlight for any football fan was watching Manning’s reaction as Magic tried to convince him to keep playing football — specifically, to keep playing football with the newly relocated Los Angeles Rams.

Manning, who “admitted to turning colors,” couldn’t help but laugh and shake off Magic’s request.

But Magic isn’t the only Hall-of-Fame legend to try and convince No. 18 to keep playing. I mean, the guy is only 39 with only 2 Super Bowl rings. Why stop there, right?

On Thursday morning, NHL all-time great Jaromir Jogr agreed and said, “It doesn’t make sense to me,” on why Manning would retire now.

For those that aren’t too familiar with Jágr, he is the oldest player currently playing in the NHL, having been drafted into the league back in 1990 — Manning was 14. He is currently 43 years old and is still breaking records left and right. He has won the Stanley Cup twice, a gold medal from the Olympics in 1998, and is only 10 goals away from securing the third most points in NHL history.

Sound familiar?

Well it should. At 39, Manning broke a record over the weekend by becoming the oldest quarterback to ever start a Super Bowl … and go on to win one. Per, Peyton’s list of NFL awards isn’t too short either, as he holds over 15 NFL records, including career touchdowns, yards and victories (tied with Brett Favre)

So, with Magic Johnson and Jaromir Jágr pressuring him to keep playing, what will Manning end up doing? I guess only time will tell … or more legends trying to pressure him.

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