On Monday night, as the Denver Broncos face off against the Houston Texans, Simon Fletcher, the franchise’s all-time sack leader, will have his name forever enshrined in the Denver Broncos’ Ring of Fame. It’s been a long time coming, even if Fletcher likes to downplay his success.

“The guys that I played with seem to think more of what I was able to do as a Broncos player than I gave myself credit for,” Fletcher told Sean Walsh of Weekend Drive on Mile High Sports Radio. “I always said, if you under estimate, under promise and over deliver, you’re better off, and it appears after talking to my teammates that I should have been excited and glad this day has finally come around. They have made it what it should be. This is truly the Ring of Fame weekend, and I’m having a blast.”

Even with the records and accolades, Fletcher likes to focus on the little things, the things most players aren’t concerned with.

“What I am most proud of would be the 172 consecutive games played,” Fletcher explained. “And that doesn’t take into account preseason and postseason, but every regular season game that I was paid to play, I was there. And that’s huge.”

Fletcher is undoubtedly one of the greatest defenders in franchise history, and his abilities helped lead the Denver Broncos to three Super Bowls. Unfortunately, they fell short in all three. He doesn’t think of that in negative light, though.

“I’m a football player, I’m a gladiator, I’m a warrior, and you give 100 percent, and you trust that your teammates will or have done the same. And wherever the chips fall, that’s where they are; that’s the career,” Fletcher said. “But just to be in that show back in those days meant there were 26 others — today it means 30 other teams — that didn’t do as well as making it to the show. So no, you start focusing on the negative things in life, you won’t enjoy things you earned and should enjoy.”

Listen to what else Fletcher had to say about his playing days, including the game that brought him to his first Super Bowl below…


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