A league source tells Mile High Sports that the Denver Nuggets have hired Charles Klask as an assistant coach. He will fill the role vacated my Micah Nori, who was hired by the Detroit Pistons to join Dwane Casey’s coaching staff. Adrian Wojnarowski was first on the report.

Klask has been in working in the NBA since 2001. He has had two stops in Detroit and time with the Orlando Magic and the Brooklyn Nets in between. He has mostly been a scout or a video coordinator, but he has lots of experience on the bench as an assistant coach as well. He was most recently an assistant coach on Stan Van Gundy’s staff in Detroit where he was responsible game-plan preparation, statistical analysis, and scouting.

While bringing in another coach with a statistical background is great, what makes Klask a good fit with Denver’s current coaching staff is his passion for the game. Flask originally took two unpaid coaching jobs just to get his foot in the door after emailing his resume to every team in the National Basketball Association. That deep-rooted passion for the game of basketball is something that all of Denver’s coaching staff shares and is likely a large reason why he eventually ended up in Denver.

Klask will take up the fifth spot among assistant coaches according to a league source. The Nuggets will have Wes Unseld Jr. as their lead assistant coach with David Adelman, Jordi Fernandez, and Ryan Bowen behind him. Then comes Klask followed by Bob Weiss. The Nuggets coaching staff now seems to be full.