T.J. Ward has landed on his feet after being cut by the Denver Broncos, signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

That doesn’t make things any easier for the since-departed founding member of Denver’s ‘No Fly Zone’ secondary. When he met with the Tampa media on Monday (full video link here and below), Ward had some choice words for his former team’s front office.

“It’s unfortunate the way they handled that situation. But it is what it is. And they got live with it. I got to live with it. And we’ll see what happens,” Ward said. “But I’m going to make sure that I land on my feet. That’s just me. And whatever happens to them, happens to them. That’s on them.”

“You could have let me know what was going on,” Ward said when asked how the Broncos could have better handled the situation. “You had a full offseason. I know it’s a business, but when you have good employees, you’re supposed to treat your employees a certain way. And I think they handled it completely unprofessional. That’s just my opinion.”

As for why the free agent with his choice of teams selected the Buccaneers, Ward said it was about the locker room and one player in particular.

“I felt like Tampa had the best locker room, with the players they have. Seems they had a good mix of vets and young players, guys ready to win, and of course [QB] Jameis [Winston].”