T.J. Ward has the unique privilege of saying that he’s part of a one-of-a-kind defense. This is a team that has shut down some of the best offenses in the NFL and has become a reoccurring nightmare for even the league’s most-capable quarterbacks. In the 2015 regular season, the Broncos tallied 52 sacks, forced 22 fumbles and grabbed 14 interceptions — four of which they returned for a touchdown.

After beating the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game and shutting down the speedy Carolina Panthers offense in Super Bowl 50, the Broncos came into training camp feeling different than they did the year before. Ward sat down with Peter King on The MMQB Podcast to talk about the motivation behind their continued success.

“It’s completely different, the attitude and the way you prepare,” Ward said. “The atmosphere is better. You come to work and you know there is a mission. We’re here to be the best, and that’s what you strive for everyday. I don’t care if you’re the cook, janitor, secretary or player. It starts from the top and it trickles all the way down.”

Some Super Bowl championship teams come into the following season and fall flat — call it a Super Bowl hangover — but Ward and the Broncos are more driven than ever.

“I’ve noticed that we are hungrier,” Ward said. “Let’s say you have a juicy steak sitting right in front of you, and you cut off a slice and you eat it, and it’s real good. I loved it, but I want some more. I’m still hungry. That’s how we feel. I feel like teams that get that one bite and get full, that’s why they fall off the next year. We’ve still got appetite, we’re still hungry.”

Even still, the Broncos had plenty of doubters coming into the season. Even with a world-class defense, it was difficult to get past the gaping hole at quarterback. But that’s nothing new for the Denver Broncos. They know what their goal is, and they know what it takes.

“We know how to get there. We have done it,” Ward said. “We have the blueprint. I’m not going to say it’s going to be easier, but we’ve done it so let’s do it again.”