Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Tag: Victor Oladipo

Nikola Jokic’s odds to win Most Valuable Player have been set

Nikola Jokic, star center of the Denver Nuggets, has his Most Valuable Player of the National Basketball Association set at 100-to-1 odds.

Nikola Jokic takes over as Nuggets take care of Pacers

The Denver Nuggets hosted the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday night for their final non-division game of the season. The Nuggets were without their leading...

Gary Harris mirrors All-Star Bradley Beal in fourth year, history hints...

Gary Harris and Bradley Beal’s fourth years are both impressive, but Harris has the edge in almost every category.

Nuggets dominated down low in overtime loss to Pacers

The Denver Nuggets failed to score in overtime on Sunday as they lost to Indiana despite leading for the entire first half. Indiana dominated...