Terry Bradshaw knows a lot about repeating as NFL champions — he did it twice with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 70s. He also knows that you need to have two things to compete at the highest level in the NFL: a quarterback and a defense.

The Broncos clearly have the latter, but when it comes to the quarterback, Denver is entering Week 3 of the preseason with a gaping whole at football’s most-important position.

“Between the three,” Bradshaw said on The Big Show with Joe Williams and Buddy Martin about the Broncos’ three potential quarterbacks, “you don’t have one. Therein lies your dilemma.”

That’s not a problem most defending champions face. In fact, the Broncos may be the first Super Bowl winner to enter the following season with this many question marks at quarterback. And part of the uncertainty stems from the fact that most people don’t know these guys’ names, let alone their ability.

“Paxton Lynch is a guy I saw a little bit in Memphis — not much — so I don’t know much about him,” Bradshaw said. “And Siemian, I have no clue. Absolutely none, whatsoever.”

And why would he? While Memphis surprised a lot of people last season, they’re not exactly Alabama or Michigan; their games aren’t getting televised on national television each week. And Siemian is a former seventh-round selection who has one snap to his name, a kneel down.

Conversely, the argument can be made that people know Sanchez all too well. When you get dubbed “The Sanchize” early in your career, it’s hard to live that down.

Whoever starts at quarterback, though, it’s likely that Gary Kubiak will do as much as he can to make their life easier, starting with an improved run game and a simplified playbook.

“You know, if you can run the football, and with the defense you have, you’re still okay while one of these guys comes around … But who knows,” Bradshaw said. “Gary (Kubiak) can coach ’em up. He can simplify it. Nothing’s impossible in the NFL nowadays.”

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