With Trevor Siemian getting his second straight start this week against the Los Angeles Rams, Mark Sanchez’s job as the starting quarterback seems to be slipping away rather quickly. In fact, if Siemian and Paxton Lynch look good on Saturday, his spot on the roster may be in jeopardy, too.

If Sanchez makes the Broncos final roster, not only will they end up paying him the full $4.5 million on his one-year contract, but they’ll have to give up a seventh-round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles. That’s a lot to cough up for a quarterback who, at this point, may not throw a pass all year.

And it doesn’t help that the Denver Broncos marketing department doesn’t seem to know the difference between Sanchez and kicker Brandon McManus.


If those three players in the top-right corner look similar, it’s because they’re all McManus, who tweeted this.

Earlier in the offseason, Brandon McManus did say he could play quarterback if the Broncos needed him to. This could all just be part of his plan to steal the job at the last second.