Danny Trevathan can’t be too worried about money these days. He did just sign a four-year, $24.5 million contract that includes a $5 million signing bonus and $12 million guaranteed with the Chicago Bears this offseason.

So maybe that’s why the Broncos didn’t bother to foot the bill for a first class ticket to Washington, D.C. for Trevathan to join his former teammates in celebration of their Super Bowl 50 victory.

Trevathan, a sixth-round draft pick by the Broncos in 2012, became a breakout star in Denver in 2013 when he logged 129 tackles and led his team to a Super Bowl. He made himself worth millions in 2015 when he again eclipsed that 100 tackle mark and his team returned to the Super Bowl. His price tag skyrocketed in that game when he had two fumble recoveries and led the team in tackles en route to a win.

Trevathan wasn’t mad at the Broncos though. He followed that tweet with genuine thanks and excitement for the opportunity.

Once in Washington, Trevathan snapped some shots with his former teammates, including a pair who are no longer with the Broncos. Peyton Manning retired after the season and David Bruton also left in free agency, where he landed in Washington.

Bruton did not indicate whether the Broncos sent a towncar or just a regular taxicab.