Today, we are going to give a little love to the guys who never seem to get any. The ones whose names can only be found on custom-made jerseys worn by their mother. The guys you’ll never see on a Papa John’s commercial.

I’m talking about the big guys up front: the offensive guards.

The top five guards in Broncos history might not be the most glamorous or star-studded list of athletes, but they are integral to any Championship-hopeful team — and that’s all 32. I dug deep into the vault of Broncos greats to pick these legends. Feel free to comment who you think I left out.

Here we go.

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5. Louis Vasquez

Drafted: 2009, 78th overall by the San Diego Chargers     Career: 2009-present

Super Bowl Appearances: XLVIII, 50

Ring: Yes (Super Bowl 50)

In his short three-year tenure with Denver, Vasquez went 1-1 on Super Bowl trips and allowed just 5.5 sacks in those three years.

Granted, Vasquez faced some ups and downs in his final two years in Denver, but he may have been the best guard in the league during Denver’s first Super Bowl run in 2013. And if it wasn’t for the $7 million left on his four-year contract, he probably would still be on the team today.

Still, it’s difficult to argue with guarding Peyton Manning to two Super Bowl appearances in just three years. In the event that Vasquez does not find a forever home in the NFL, he just found one on my list