Down and out, getting hammered 24-3, Phillip Lindsay broke free for a 55-yard touchdown run and celebrated as though he scored the game-winner.

While some might have wanted Lindsay to simply hand the ball to the ref still down 14 points, little did we know that score actually did propel the Broncos to their most important victory of the season.

That is Phillip Lindsay in a nutshell.

Knowing he would only have a handful of touches to make something happen, the local legend broke free for a highlight reel touchdown and celebrated with pure joy and enthusiasm as if he just scored for the South High Rebels.

And although that only cut the Chargers lead to 24-10, what that touchdown run from Lindsay symbolized could be the turning point in not only the Broncos season but their overall revival to relevance.

How is this guy one of the lowest paid players on the roster making $250,000 less than punter Sam Martin’s million-dollar salary?

Being as home grown as home grown gets hasn’t helped Phillip Lindsay get a well-earned new contract which he deserved at the end of his second season – his second in a row with 1,000-plus yards. He’s the only undrafted player in NFL history to do that.

Somehow, being the local kid, who’s story will someday be produced into a Disney movie where he will be played by Michael B. Jordan, has hurt his case in getting a new deal. That’s leaving Broncos Country wondering why the hell this guy who makes about $750,000 his year hasn’t gotten a new contract.

For the sheer bells-and-whistles of it all, the awesome hoopla that would come along with the announcement of Lindsay’s theoretical new three-year, $12 million dollar deal with about $5 million in guarantees, why haven’t the Broncos gotten this thing done?

Picture it now: John Elway sitting next to Lindsay signing his new deal at the front steps of Denver South High School with the entire student body – properly social distanced of course – cheering Lindsay on and dreaming of their successes one day.

Elway then stands up and proclaims: “THIS ONES FOR PHILLIP!”

OK, maybe that last part is a little over the top but also don’t forget C.J. Anderson, hardly the most athletic/talented running back in Broncos history, was the motor behind the 2015 World Champion Denver Broncos below average offense.

Imagine Lindsay in Andy Reid’s offense. Or in New England or New Orleans. Lindsay has somehow managed to be shooting star in a dark void of an offense.

Lindsay is the Denver Broncos right now more than the Denver Broncos are themselves. A franchise who has lost its way. Paying Lindsay is simply the right thing to do. And the Broncos will do it after this season.

Former Broncos receiver Eddie Royal tweeted on Sunday, “The Broncos should value Phillip Lindsay more than they do. He represents everything you want out of a Bronco.”

Teddy KGB also had a message for the Broncos as well: “Pay him. Pay that man his money.”